Culture at Upstream

We hire star performers.

We hire talented people with a track record of creating impact and give them the support to achieve great results. We set ambitious and measurable goals and celebrate impact over process. We provide opportunities to learn and grow so that all of us can aim higher, together. Learn more about careers at Upstream.

We act as entrepreneurs.

We approach our work with a bias toward action, learning by doing, and adjusting course as needed. When we see opportunities for improvement, we propose solutions and volunteer. We routinely go above and beyond to achieve great results — whether that means stepping outside our role and comfort zone, or being bravely imaginative and taking on bigger challenges than we originally thought possible.

We believe in the transformative power of feedback.

We give one another frequent and prompt feedback with candor, courage, and kindness, always assuming positive intent. We actively seek feedback from one another, from our partners and colleagues on the ground and from data that tells us whether we are achieving impact.

We ground our work in strong partnerships.

We approach each partnership with respect and humility, understanding that our efforts are facilitated by the work of many others including the health centers and state governments with whom we work.

We embrace diversity.

We are better because of our differences–backgrounds, ideas, and approaches. We create an inclusive culture that welcomes new and different voices and fosters debate. We speak up even when it is challenging, because doing so allows us to improve, innovate, and achieve greater impact. Learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Upstream.

We celebrate wins and build joy into our work.

This work requires tenacity and the understanding that big results may take years to observe and measure. We celebrate the positive feedback from the field — the milestones, client stories, and early data that let us know we are on the right track. We love what we do and leverage that energy and passion to celebrate one another and our partners.